Save big when you refill your Pono Home Essentials Lucid Dream Spray bottle with this concentrated refill. You’ll get two refills of your original 4 oz bottle ($32 value!) or four refills of your original 2 oz bottle ($40 value!).

USE: Simply add one ounce of this concentrate to your original 4 oz bottle (or half an ounce to your original 2 oz bottle) and top off with distilled water. You can even re-use your original pump (and because our lawyers said so, you have to sanitize that pump too, before re-using!)

“Smells like Alice in Wonderland”, according to one user we talked to recently.
We couldn’t agree more. 

Lucid dreams happen when you know you’re dreaming but don’t wake up, and if you practice, you can stay asleep and actually control your dreams….fly over the Grand Canyon or Aquaman yourself around a coral reef….The experience has been compared to a sober acid or mushroom trip.

This blend of scents is based on years of research into lucid dreaming conducted by some of the world’s experts, and crafted to help you achieve lucid dreaming for mind-bending experiences and ultra-restful sleep. Lucid dreaming is a practice, much like yoga, but this product is specifically tailored to help move your practice forward.

Spray liberally on your pillow before you go to sleep. Then when you lie down, breathe deeply, and with each deep breath, set your intention to dream lucidly this evening.

Available for purchase in the continental U.S. and Hawaii. 



Witch hazel, rose essential oil*, jasmine essential oil*, chamomile essential oil*, mugwort essential oil*, jojoba oil*, palo santo essential oil*, clove essential oil*, anise star essential oil*, lemon balm (melissa) essential oil*, clary sage essential oil*, frankincense essential oil*, sandalwood essential oil*


* – organic

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4 oz, 2 oz


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