Soap Nuts (Organic) – 25 nuts, 50 Loads of Laundry, includes 2 muslin bags


Soap nuts are a natural, non-toxic alternative to detergent that are gentle on your clothes and skin. This order includes 25 soap nuts, a 4″ x 6″ muslin storage bag (pictured), and a 2″ x 3″ muslin wash bag. Enough for ~50 loads of laundry!

Want to read about soap nuts first? Here’s the ultimate guide to soap nuts.


Soap nuts are a 100% natural and effective laundry soap and are considered a safer alternative to harsh and harmful chemicals. Soap Nuts are dried shells of the soapberry, which contains saponin – a highly effective cleaning agent. Saponin works like most detergents and soaps, except no chemicals!

Simple to use: 5-6 whole shells (1/2 oz) in the small (2″ x 3″) muslin bag, tie it, and throw it in with the laundry. You can reuse the nuts ~10 times. When you open the bag and see the nuts are breaking down (they’ll look dry and cracked), you’ll know it’s time to replace them with new ones. And as with all Pono Home Essentials, there’s an eye on zero waste: when you are ready to replenish, you can send the storage bag back to Pono Home for refill! Also, the spent soap nuts can go right into your garden, where they’ll nutrify the soils and plants!


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