Hands-PLUS Multi-purpose cleanser (CONCENTRATED REFILL)


Save big when you refill your Pono Home Essentials Hands-PLUS multi-purpose cleanser bottle with this concentrated refill. Yields six refills of your original 2 oz bottle.

USE: add 2 teaspoons of this concentrate to your original 2 oz bottle, then top off with distilled water. You can even reuse your pump (a word from our lawyers: make sure you sanitize the pump when you reuse it, of course).

ABOUT: Clean your hands, yoga mats, keys…anything you touch regularly, with this toxic free cleanser. With several ingredients known to be effective on grime, grease, dirt, germs and other nasties, this product will leave your hands smelling great and feeling clean without toxic residue. Unlike conventional hand sanitizer, it’s safe for sensitive skin and won’t dry and crack your hands!

USE: Spray 2-3 times on desired area, wipe and forget about it. The product will dissipate in a few seconds!

Available for purchase in the continental U.S. plus Hawaii. 



Witch hazel, castile soap*, Tea tree essential oil*, lemon essential oil*

* organic


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