Salts for Bathing- Sensual


Packaged in a bioplastic bag made from plants, this bath salt blend will help you unwind at the end of a long day! The blend of soothing lavender, warm jasmine, and exotic ylang ylang combine to awaken the senses. Organic extra virgin olive oil will help hydrate your skin, while the epsom salts break down into magnesium and sulfate, which loosen stiff muscles, and dead sea salts soothe and cleanse your skin.

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Using about 1/2 cup of product, rub salts into your skin to moisturize and exfoliate while your bath tub fills around your feet, then sit down into the tub and allow the scents of beauty and wonder to permeate your bath time.

Contains about 8 baths worth of salts.


Epsom salts, dead sea salts, extra virgin olive oil*, lavender essential oil*, jasmine essential oil*, ylang ylang essential oil*,


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Weight 34 oz


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