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Our Story

About a year ago, our founder Scott Cooney looked at a toothpaste tube that he’d just squeezed the very last drop from, and thought, “There’s no way to recycle or reuse this tube…there has to be a better way.”

So we started Pono Home Essentials as a zero waste model for household and personal care products:  reusing bottles, caps, pumps, and even boxes and packaging material!

Our Subscription Products

Bar Soap

You can use this on your face and body, the ingredients are all natural and gentle! Handmade in Hawaii, with love and aloha.

Body Lotion

A naturally scented moisturizing and hydrating skin cream formulated with certified organic plant, vegetable and flower extracts. Use daily to replenish essential oils and nutrients to skin.

Pono Sunscreen

This non-nano zinc sunscreen is moisturizing, locally sourced, and reef safe. Made from  ingredients like organic coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, beeswax and shea butter, this SPF 35 sunscreen will help keep you and your family safe from burns as well as from chemicals.

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How it works

Return your used bottles to us, with free shipping, AND you’ll get paid $2 for each bottle you return!
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I love that this company is conscious in their thought for shipping and availability!!! Mahalo!


Please clean and dry your empties as best you can, and send them back with caps on them in the Pono Home Essentials box with the pre-paid shipping label. Keep your pumps or dispensers…you can clean, sterilize and reuse them! Thanks for reusing your containers and living pono!

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