About a year ago, our founder Scott Cooney looked at a toothpaste tube that he’d just squeezed the very last drop from, and thought, “There’s no way to recycle or reuse this tube…there has to be a better way.” We’re all about reduce, reuse, recycle here at Pono Home, but we also know that despite the best intentions of good people around the world, less than 10% of plastic gets recycled. So we looked around, and didn’t find a good zero waste solution for personal care products, so we invented one. We strive to bring about a circular economy for personal care products, reusing bottles, caps, pumps, and even boxes and packaging material!

Thanks for joining us on the quest for zero waste! 

Pono Home Essentials is proudly produced by Pono Home, Inc., a Green America certified Green Business and formerly a certified B Corp based in Las Vegas and Honolulu.

Pono Home was founded in 2014 as an efficiency consulting and retrofitting company, focusing on reducing energy and water bills for the residential and small business communities. The Elemental Excelerator, the world’s largest renewable energy incubator, selected Pono Home for its Go To Market track in 2014, and its Demonstration track in 2016 and additionally awarded Pono Home its Just Innovation Prize in 2018 to recognize Pono Home’s longstanding effectiveness in reaching low to moderate income households and other hard to reach markets with renewable energy innovations. Pono Home has greened more than 10,000 homes across Hawaii, Nevada, and California, helping offset significant carbon emissions and reducing water usage by an estimated 12,000,000 gallons per month.

In 2018, the company launched the Pono Home Essentials line, and has since expanded the product line to include soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, sunscreen, lip balm, laundry products, and more. We aim to become a full-service zero waste personal care line by the end of 2019, servicing the lower 48 and Hawaii, and in 2020, expand internationally.